Sweet 16 Sunset Dreams

Sunset Dreams of a Sweet 16 and Future Travels With My Boys

You always feel like you have so much time at the beginning. Those early days of diapers, Delsym, insomnia… Back then, it was near about impossible to imagine arriving here now… Where the wife and I find ourselves today… Celebrating our twins’ sweet 16 birthday.


That’s right… They’re 16.

Sweet 16? Hmmm…

They don’t need us as they used to, of course. We’re not cool to them anymore, either. Both are good things, I’m told; signs of maturity amid an age-appropriate sea of anything but.

That’s all well and good, though I can’t help feeling a little emotional today. As reflected in the image above, the sun is setting on our time together.

That’s our boys in the photo goofing about the shallows en la plage at Hotel Bakoua in Martinique just three months ago. A sense of pride washed over me as I snapped the image, relishing how they enjoyed the sunset in the sea much as I’d done countless other times along countless other shores across the Caribbean.

As I noted a year ago, a huge plus to me of publishing Uncommon Caribbean is the way in which it’s helped my boys tap into their Caribbean roots. They glean some of what it means to be West Indian from reading the site, but nothing compares to the time they actually get to spend accompanying me on my trips.

For this very special birthday, I’m hoping that we have LOTS of future travels together in-store, despite the sunset.

Happy birthday, Jacob + Austin!


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