The Most Surprising Thing About My Latest Trip To Martinique

Surprises are nothing new on my frequent trips to Martinique. Secluded new-to-me beaches, new hotels, bars, restaurants, inventive dishes, festivals, sporting events – there always seems to be some exciting new something or other to discover here.

On my latest Martinique adventure just last week, though, the most exciting new discovery came with a bit of twist. That twist being Norwegian Air.

As noted here, Europe’s fastest-growing low-cost carrier inaugurated the first new nonstop flights from the Northeast to Martinique in more than 20 years in December 2015.

The uncommon combo of an airline based in cold and snowy Norway serving a hot and sultry corner of the French Caribbean with nonstop flights from New York, Boston, and Baltimore/Washington, DC might be surprising to some in and of itself, but none of that is what I’m driving at.

Indeed, the true surprise for me is what you see pictured above – bottles of Chanflor, Didier, Trois-Rivieres, and Biere Lorraine, all of them distinctly local Martinican products; all of them readily available as part of the in-flight beverage service aboard my Norwegian Air from Baltimore a little more than a week ago.

I know this may seem like a small thing to some. After all, Caribbean national carriers like Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica have long featured homegrown West Indian drinks and snacks.

International carriers serving the region, however, not so much. At least not to my recollection, and certainly not to this degree.

To me, seeing (and enjoying) the Martinican drinks aboard Norwegian spoke volumes of the airline’s commitment to, and love affair with Martinique.

The flight from Baltimore ran a good five hours long, but thanks to the local drinks, it felt like we were already in Martinique the whole way there…

Note: The special introductory fares on Norwegian flights from the Northeast to Martinique that we originally mentioned here are still available on select dates through the spring. I’ve even seen fares as low as $49 each way from Boston and Baltimore/Washington, DC! To get in on the fun and get down to Martinique this winter for a song, visit Norwegian Air online today.

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