Sweet Relief at Ti Carbet Beach Bar, Martinique

As is so often the case on my random wanderings, I had made a major miscalculation. It took me A LOT longer to explore Martinique’s wildly dynamic Caravelle Peninsula than I originally thought. Though I’d chosen the shorter of the two hiking trails snaking through the nature preserve, the trek encompassed a whole island’s worth of ecosystems at varying elevations. Scorching dry forest, grassy savannah, dessert-like coastal areas, breezy mountain peaks, buggy mangroves – the thrill of experiencing them all extended well beyond the 90 minutes prescribed by the map I’d consulted at the Caravelle’s visitor center. No surprise, I was starving and more than a little exhausted by the time I folded myself into my rental car and started back toward the town of Tartane in search of relief. Before I could make it, though, I found myself, and all the relief I could need, here at Ti Carbet.

Small, open to the elements, and somewhat ramshackle, Ti Carbet bore every bit the outward appearance of my kind of beach bar. It sits atop a slight incline adjacent to the parking lot for La Brèche Beach.

Through here to La Brèche Beach, Martinique | SBPR

Through here to La Brèche Beach, Martinique | SBPR

The tidy menu of typically delectable Martinican Creole fare was nice. (I opted for the accras and lambi.) So too was the ice-cold Biere Lorraine.

The best thing about Ti Carbet for me, though, was its beachfront location.

Cooling out on La Brèche Beach, Martinique | SBPR

Cooling out on La Brèche Beach, Martinique | SBPR

Other beaches I’d come to know within the Caravelle Peninsula were all pretty rough, offering ideal conditions for surfing. La Brèche, by contrast, was calm and soothing, exactly what I needed after my taxing hike.

I lingered extra long here in the shallows after my late lunch savoring the view of Tartane across the bay as Ti Carbet closed down for the night. It was just about 4pm.

One more Lorraine, I thought… Another few minutes in the sea…

I wanted to milk every last second of the scene, afraid to let the sweetness slip away.

My next appointment would have to wait. Indeed, Ti Carbet forced me to miscalculate… again.

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