Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin

Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin: Nice-Comfy-Safe Rhum Agricole

Nice. Comfy. Safe. We’ve all had ex-loves fitting the description. You remember those relationships where the romance was just “okay.” Sometimes it may have even been fun. Maybe that boring decent guy or gal still makes a good friend today… Maybe. In the end, though, the sheets didn’t sizzle, your toes didn’t tingle. You still love your ex, sure, but Mr./Ms. Nice-Comfy-Safe just didn’t do it for you… Kinda’ like Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin to me…

Chance Meeting on a Hot Day

I met Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin in August 2012 at Le Foyal, then among trendiest restaurants in downtown Fort-de-France. It was scorching hot that day, so I ducked into Le Foyal to cool off in the a/c and grab a drink. Instantly, I was drawn to her.

You see, I LOVE Trois Rivières rhums! I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite brand of Martinique rhums, but they’re up near the top of my list.

Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin
Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin | Photo by Steve Bennett

Trois Rivières has produced fine rhum agricole in and around the Trois Rivières area in southern Martinique since the 1700s. It’s a long way, in temperate terms, from the lush, tropical climes in the northern regions of the island. That’s where such celebrated brands as Rhum Saint-James, Depaz, Neisson, and Habitation Saint-Etienne are made from cane grown in ultra-rich volcanic soil.

Conditions are drier in the south, a fact that to my tastes lends a lighter, less robust quality to the rhums produced there.

I’ve enjoyed the southern Martinique flavor difference in other Trois Rivières rhums, especially the brand’s eight-year-old blend, which we’ll have to cover another time.

This Cuvée Du Moulin, however, was just… well, you know… nice.

A Taste of Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin

On the nose, the alcohol aroma is strong with some pepper and vanilla also bursting forth. Sort of gives the impression this stuff will be bold, perhaps bordering on harsh, but it isn’t. I found the flavor to be quite smooth, heavy on the oak and smoke with little or no burn whatsoever. In fact, the Cuvée Du Moulin doesn’t overwhelm the palate in any way.

It’s comfy, you know?

Like that safe ex-lover, Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin didn’t really beseech me to keep the romance going either. A couple sips were enough. Still, it didn’t quite push me away either. It kinda’ just said…

Here I am. I’m pretty good. Take me, or leave me. Either way, we’re good.

This isn’t such a bad thing, of course. Sometimes you end up marrying Mr/Ms. Nice-Comfy-Safe. You settle down together and live a good, quiet little life. There’s nothing wrong with that, just as there’s nothing really wrong with Trois Rivières Cuvée Du Moulin.

À votre santé!

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