The Subtle Simian Side of Diamond Rock, Martinique: Uncommon Attraction

Sometimes, it seems, the more familiar you are with something, the less attune you become to its subtle details.

Maybe there’s a lady who serves up your coffee just the way you like it at your favorite Starbuck’s every morning. You see her everyday. You know her, or at least who she is; what she looks like.

But, if asked to describe the tattoo on her left hand, or how many piercings she has in her right ear, there’s a chance you might not have an answer.

I know I wouldn’t, assuming my experience with the rock of an islet pictured above is any indication.

The more keen and attentive among you long-time UC fans will recognize the image as that of Diamond Rock, the uniquely historic miniature Rock of Gibraltar lying of the southern coast of Martinique that we’ve heralded here on several previous occasions. (Here, here, and here.)

I see Diamond Rock all the time. (Well, at least every single time I’m in Martinique, which is usually twice each year for each of the past eight years, so yeah, sort of all the time.) So many times, in fact, that I never would’ve thought there could be anything noticeably distinctive about it that I wouldn’t already know about.

On one of my most recent visits last May, though, I learned that I was wrong. My great friend Andre Lahoussaye-Duvigny, who in addition to being one of Martinique’s finest tour guides is also a tremendous singer and musician, clued me in. Stopping his car along the waterfront in the village of Diamant, he said:

Local people here in Diamant say the Diamond Rock has the face of a monkey. You can see the profile looking to the right from this angle.

I see it every time I view this image now, of course, but never before, which only fuels my desire to return and discover what other secrets all the many wonders I’ve laid eyes on countless times in Martinique may still be hiding…

*BTW, if you’re heading to Martinique and want to hire Andre to take you on the best tour of the island, drop me a line here or tweet at me and I’ll be happy to put you in touch!

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