Scaling Mt Pelée With ZeroToCruising.com: Uncommon Envy

Considering how often I get to travel to Martinique for my day job (at least twice per-year) and how much I enjoy hiking and scaling new heights (okay, I’m not really so hot on heights), it’s amazing that I’ve never, ever trekked to the summit of Mt. Pelée.

The tallest peak in Martinique (elevation: 4,583 feet) and one of the most notorious volcanoes in all of the West Indies, if not the world, Mt. Pelée has captivated my imagination for as long as I can remember.

We all grow up in the Caribbean knowing the story of the 1902 eruption. Even if you don’t know the history, just visit Martinique once and lay eyes on her… most certainly you’ll never forget.

There’s simply an unmistakable majesty to Pelée; a gravitas born of her furious past combined with the grandeur of her imposing present.

Mt. Pelée just inspires awe in every way, a fact that has me extra, super envious of our blogger friends over at Zero To Cruising today.

Zero To Cruising conquers Mount Pelee! | Credit: Rebecca Sweeney

Zero To Cruising conquers Mount Pelee! | Credit: Rebecca Sweeney

You see, this lucky duo, who sailed away from the Real World years ago in favor of a life at sea in the Caribbean, got to scale Mt. Pelée just a couple days ago. The two photos accompanying this post are but a tiny sampling of the images they included in their full account of their Mt. Pelée adventure here.

What’s the best hotel to stay at the night before setting off for the summit? What time should you start your journey? What will you see along the way?

Our great friends Mike and Rebecca lay it all out in their post. Read the full account here, and to keep up with all of the Zero To Cruising adventures, be sure to like them on Facebook.

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