Maybe, Perhaps, The Very Best Reason to Visit Martinique in 2018

Government shutdowns, DACA, North Korean nukes, #metoo, the Russia Investigation, this mess… Current TV news headlines make an escape to the Caribbean more essential than ever these days. For me, if said escape takes me to Martinique, all the better. I don’t watch much TV when I travel, of course. There’s too much adventuring to do; too many new friends to make, exotic foods and rums to taste. This is especially true in Martinique where you’ll find precious little TV programming in English. As noted previously, I don’t speak French, so the respite from the currently crazier than usual U.S. TV news cycle is a very welcome one for me, my attention fully-trained on soothing scenes like this one along the waterfront in the charming fishing village of Sainte-Anne…

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