Blinded by Envy, Diamond Class Rum de Mexico

You can always spot the trendy ones. The vapid, soulless temptresses bent on using, abusing, and ultimately refusing. Outwardly they bear all the trappings of style and sophistication, but beneath the surface lies a fool’s paradise.

Do you dare bare your soul to them once more?

Such were the random thoughts swirling about my head upon meeting the curvy cutie pictured above somewhere in Midtown Manhattan last spring.


In mere name alone, she had me intrigued. Learning that she hailed from Mexico (not exactly a hot spot for great rum) piqued my interest even more.

Envy "Diamond Class" ron blanco de Mexico | SBPR
Envy “Diamond Class” ron blanco de Mexico | SBPR

Maybe I should’ve been thrown off by her cheap screw cap. Maybe the trifling reference to her “Diamond Class” status (whatever that is) conspicuously emblazoned across her torso should’ve given me pause.

Nope. Not today. Envy blinds, after all…

Throwing caution to the wind, I ordered a small sample neat, plus a mojito with Envy starring in the lead role, the better to gauge if she was worthy of her name.

Verdict: oh my!

Citrusy, with nice notes of lemongrass and spice, Envy finishes pretty smooth too. Not quite the sipper it purports to be (at least not to me) it shined in the mojito, the complex flavors adding a great new dimension, despite my bartender’s heavy hand with the sugar.

A bit pricey for a white rum at $30+, Envy nevertheless leaves many of its competitors green with you know what.


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