En la playa de Tulum, Mexico | Credit: Mr. Theklan

Playa Time in Tulum, Mexico: Wish You Were Here

I have lots of great memories of my first, and still only, visit to Tulum, the small seaside town nestled just south of Playa del Carmen in Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya. I was there on business checking out a few hotels, but of course, I found time for a little fun. Bike riding into town, downing a cerveza or two in these swings, luxuriating at what was then the Blue Tulum Resort & Spa. (It’s the Kore Tulum now.) I even met the former personal assistant of Lynda Carter, better known as Wonder Woman to those who remember the old TV series. The ruins of an ancient Mayan port city were also just a short ride away, yielding tons of fun and exploration. All-in-all, it was one of the most memorable business trips I’ve ever taken. My one regret: I never carved out any time for Tulum’s magnificent beaches. By the looks of the featured image above, I won’t want to make the same mistake next time…

Wish you were here..?



*Photo credit: Flickr user Mr. Theklan.

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