Puerto Escondido Sunset

Puerto Escondido Sunset Hammocking – Wish You Were Here

Caribbean sunsets are always our preference. This one over the Pacific, though, certainly gives me pause. You can experience it in Puerto Escondido, a breezy beach town in Oaxaca, Mexico. The allure of this place is instantly apparent in its name, which translates to hidden port. It’s an apt descriptor (for the time being) owing to Puerto Escondido’s relative detachment from Mexico’s well-trodden resort towns. The closest of these, Acapulco, is a good seven+ hours driving time to the north. 

The time being for Puerto Escondido to retain its authentic charm, though, is ticking away. So says our good friend and Mexico travel expert, Meagan Drillinger. (That’s her in the photo, hammocking away.) When she joined us for a recent Uncommon Caribbean Friday Happy Hour livestream on Instagram, Meagan noted with sadness that Puerto Escondido had been discovered by The New York Times.

They’re Tuluming my spot!

Her lament references Tulum’s recent and rapid tourism development, which Patrick also decried in an earlier post. Just six months have passed sine the NY Times article and already a few trendy/pricey spots have sprung up in Puerto Escondido, according to Meagan.

The prevailing global pandemic likely slowed P.E.’s development some. It’s a good bet, though, that big changes will be seen and felt here before too long.

Here’s hoping the delay gives Meagan and other uncommon travelers a little extra time to hide away here before the tourist hordes arrive.

BTW, whenever you do get to Puerto Escondido, Meagan HIGHLY recommends this uncommon hotel.

Wish you were here…?


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