Indian Cave, Middle Caicos
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Indian Cave, Middle Caicos: Super-Soft Spelunking Adventure

Spelunking is not usually synonymous with soft adventure. As previously noted, though, Middle Caicos spelunking is altogether different. Accessing and enjoying the Conch Bar Caves here doesn’t require the arduous trekking you’ll encounter at other Caribbean cave attractions. Even so, they’re not the easiest TCI caves to explore. For the most super-soft Middle Caicos spelunking adventure (aside from these caves), you’ll have to head over to the Indian Cave.

Seriously, Indian Cave could not be easier to find, access, and explore. It’s located just east of the fab Dragon Cay Resort, our home away from home in Middle Caicos

And when I say “just” east, I really mean just. As in, it’s right around the corner. Most even remotely able-bodied souls could walk over there. As well, the Fatboy bikes that Dragon Cay makes available for guests to use free of charge, are another great option for getting to Indian Cave.

On the occasion of our visit in July 2022, though, the wife and I planned to adventure a good bit beyond the immediate surrounds of Dragon Cay and Mudjin Harbour. Our Indian Cave pit stop was more throw-in than primary destination. As such, we arrived here by rental car.

No matter how you decide to go, this sign astride the road ensures that you won’t miss it.

Indian Cave road sign
Sign of super-soft adventure in Middle Caicos | Photo by Steve Bennett

A semi-circle drive astride the road provides ample parking.

Indian Cave parking | Photo by Steve Bennett

(Editor’s note: See those structures lining the ridge in the center of the image? That’s Dragon Cay. Yeah, it’s that close!)

A tidy cut stone/concrete path leads away from the parking area into the bush.

Right this way… | Photo by Steve Bennett

Along the way you’ll pass an info sign further affirming that you’re in the right place.

Indian Cave info sign
Indian Cave info sign | Photo by Steve Bennett

The path winds to the right past the sign leading you to the mouth of the cave.

Cave mouth | Photo by Steve Bennett

As treks to cave mouths go, this one is an easy stroll. From parking area to cave, the walk took us all of four minutes. It would’ve been a lot faster, though, if I hadn’t stopped to snap a few pics along the way.

Meanwhile, the amount of time you actually spend inside Indian Cave will likely be very quick as well.

Cozy cave | Photo by Steve Bennett

Not only is the cave small, but it was also loaded with mosquitos during our visit. We literally had to run out of there after just a minute or two!

After dousing ourselves in Deet, though, we ducked back inside.

Like most caves I’ve experienced, Indian Cave carries something of a mystical quality. Roots from trees growing above the cave rain down through holes in the ceiling to the cave floor below. Some of the holes above are in the shape of near-perfect circles. The eerie quiet here is only interrupted by the wind rustling through the surrounding bush and waves crashing along the shore nearby.

Peaceful…nice…except for the mosquitos, of course.

So yeah, Indian Cave is not a place to stick and stay for more than a few minutes. When you do, though, you’ll definitely want to snap a few pics as the cave is easily among the most Instagrammable spots in the Turks and Caicos.


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