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Marveling at Mudjin Harbour in Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos

Having most any beach in the Caribbean all to yourself is marvelous enough. When said beach is Mudjin Harbour, the stunning three-mile stretch of pristine white-sand wonder in Middle Caicos… well… in my travels, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

I snapped the photo above last summer from a bluff astride the breezy-sweet deck of the Mudjin Harbour Bar & Grill, a decent enough dining spot with nice drinks and a tidy menu of basic eats weighted toward seafood lovers.

The real draw here, though, is not on the menu, of course.

Mudjin Harbour is home to Dragon Cay, scenic hiking trails leading to secret seaside caves and romantic lookout points, and the Dragon Cay Resort, a boutique eco-resort that makes enjoying all the wonder of Mudjin Harbour, and the rest of Middle Caicos, easy.

Sadly, I wasn’t staying at Dragon Cay during my quick summer visit. This view, though, ensures that I will be back, and for a much longer period next time…

More on Dragon Cay Resort here.

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