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Up Next: A ‘Just Us’ Return to Marvelous Middle Caicos

Marvelous Middle Caicos is so stunningly jaw-droppingly gorgeous, is it any wonder that I can’t get enough of it? Longtime UC readers may remember that I celebrated a pretty big birthday in North and Middle Caicos a few years ago. Others may remember an even earlier visit when I braved a swim out to the hardscrabble rock islet pictured here. For those who don’t know, that islet is called Dragon Cay. Its namesake resort is where you’ll find me over the next few days.


This Middle Caicos escape marks the latest in my annual “just us” jaunts with the wife. These trips are always especially special, of course; a notion any parents can surely relate to in a BIG way.

This particular TCI adventure, though, is even more special/needed than our previous “just us” escapes. And not just because of the tragic day-to-day vagaries of life in modern-day America either. 

Indeed, we have a few major milestones to celebrate.

BIG (x’s 5) Birthday Escape

First, the wife just celebrated a birthday. Not just any birthday, either. This was a BIG-BIG-BIG-BIG-BIG one.

True to the form she exhibited for her BIG-BIG-BIG-BIG birthday 10 years ago, the wife asked that we escape to somewhere remote and beachy. Somewhere far from crowds. A place where there could be no chance of anyone throwing her a surprise party.

Marvelous Middle Caicos more than satisfies these criteria, as we’ve shown previously. Nowhere in Middle Caicos, arguably, more spectacularly than Dragon Cay Resort

Dragon Cay Resort Dream Come True

While I’ve visited the property on a couple different occasions in the past, I’ve never had the pleasure of actually staying at Dragon Cay. I’ve dreamed of experiencing this place for years, though.

Just the thought of waking each day astride the iconic “dragon” tingles my travel taste buds in and of itself. Hiking more (maybe all!) of the Crossing Trail and discovering new-to-me TCI charms excites me even more!

The only drawback: I’m pretty sure that I’ll miss my kids more than usual.

Time is Running and Running and Passing

Generally, I don’t miss my kids all that much whenever the wife and I are able to escape, “just us.” This time, though, it’s different as they’ve recently graduated from high school.

There always seemed to be plenty of time to not miss them before. Now, we’re counting down the days until “just us” will become our normal, everyday lives.

So yeah, it’s a time of great transition at the Uncommon Caribbean SoFla HQ. One tinged with sadness, though overflowing with pride.

TCI – Just the Tonic

We set off for Dragon Cay and marvelous Middle Caicos to catch our breath. To reflect on how far we’ve come. To celebrate each other and one massive b’day.

Most of all, though, we’ll get a preview of what “just us” living looks and feels like with our hearts and minds consigned to the fact that our new reality has arrived faster than we could’ve ever imaged.

Can’t think of a better place to feel all these feels than right where we’re headed…

To keep tabs on how we’re making out at Dragon Cay, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll share new photos and videos throughout the weekend.

See you there!

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