Mudjin Sunset Cocktail
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Mudjin Sunset Cocktail Recipe Offers TCI Twist on a Tequila Fave

If you’re gonna enjoy a drink in the shadow of a dragon, you might as well make sure said drink is strong. Can’t have Mr. Dragon thinking you’re soft, can we? Your drink has to pack a serious punch. It has to be worthy of the dragon’s respect. (You know, lest he scorch you off the face of the earth.) It has to be something like a Mudjin Sunset Cocktail.

The most popular tipple at the supremely scenic Mudjin Bar and Grill in Middle Caicos, the Mudjin Sunset isn’t altogether super inventive. Essentially, it’s a Tequila Sunrise with a bit of a Turks and Caicos twist.

That twist: Bambarra Rum.


Indeed, the taste of TCI is the only thing adding any extra kick to the Mudjin Sunset Cocktail.

Enjoying one (or more) in the shadow of Dragon Cay while staying at the decidedly uncommon Dragon Cay Resort, though, provides extra-added spice and flavor.

This view is certainly worthy of a toast | Photo by Steve Bennett

After all, these are the most beautiful surrounds in all of the Turks and Caicos. Simply being here is cause for a toast; for a Mudjin Sunset Cocktail!

Here’s how to mix one up…


Grab a highball glass and load it with ice.

Next, pour in your tequila and orange juice and give it a stir.

Step three: add your grenadine and let it settle to the bottom.

Now, it’s time for the rum! Float as much Bambarra as you can handle.

Finally, garnish with mint, lemon wheel, and a maraschino cherry or two.


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