Pine Barrel Boat Landing – Middle Caicos dock life
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Pine Barrel Boat Landing, Middle Caicos – Wish You Were Here

You could easily enjoy an extended stay at Dragon Cay Resort in Middle Caicos and never see Pine Barrel Boat Landing. If you want to include a little extra adventure with your Dragon Cay escape, though, this jetty is a good spot to check out.

It isn’t located on-property at the resort in Mudjin Harbour. Instead, Pine Barrel sits right around the corner at the entrance to Middle Caicos along the North and Middle Caicos Causeway.

Views of the mangroves and surrounding cays here are a nice attraction unto themselves. So too are the many native bird and marine species easily spied from the dock.

Best of all: Pine Barrel is a prime jumping off point for exploring all those mangroves and cays up close.

Guests of Dragon Cay Resort enjoy unlimited use of kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Resort staff help you put in and cast off at Pine Barrel Boat Landing.

Even if you don’t head out on the sea, though, this is special spot worth checking out.

Wish you were here..?


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