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Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Montserrat’s Rendezvous Beach

Montserrat's Rendezvous Beach

Montserrat's Rendezvous Beach

The view from the half-way point along the hike to Rendezvous Beach on Montserrat is one of my favorite visuals from one of our more adventurous trips of the past year. Sure there were excellent views of Soufrierre Hills Volcano, deep black sand beaches, and the lovely ladies of Olveston House… But somehow this view is the one I keep going back to. It’s near sunset and we’re climbing back to the car when I have an urge to look back one more time. The green valley, untouched except for the small house at its center, spreads out in the most tantalyzing way as though to say why not forget about going home?

Unfortunately, going home was just what I did the following day via Antigua. Luckily, we can all put this desktop wallpaper on our computers to remind us of what beckons from truly uncommon Montserrat.

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