Gingerbread Hill View

Gingerbread Hill – View With A Villa in Montserrat

The Gingerbread Hill view is enough to make you want to stay here over most any other lodging option in Montserrat. Other factors, though, may play into your decision as well. Take, for instance, the fact that there are no resorts in Montserrat.

Where to Stay in Montserrat

That’s right. Montserrat has no beachfront all-inclusives or mega EP properties with popular brand names.

Montserrat is, however, home to a couple of hotels. Actually, two-and-a-half hotels. Even one of those, though – the historic rock and roll haven that is Olveston House – is more guesthouse, or bed and breakfast than hotel.

So yeah, cute and distinctive villas like Gingerbread Hill are your best bet in Montserrat. And believe me, that’s not a bad thing.

Living Local in Montserrat

Nestled along the upper slopes of Fogarthy Hill just above the village of St. Peter’s, Gingerbread Hill offers a sense of what it can be like to live in Montserrat.

Snacks can be picked from the numerous fruit trees that thrive throughout the property. Mangoes, papayas, bananas, limes, various herbs, and salad greens are all readily available here as seasons allow, of course.

Free-range hens even supply your eggs!

The property offers four different types of accommodations. Rates start as low as US$45/night! A pool tucked neatly within the garden makes a nice cooling oasis when the persistent breeze isn’t enough.

Shoot for the Stars in the Heavenly Suite

For me, though, the Gingerbread Hill view is the best thing about the place. Book the aptly-named Heavenly Suite to maximize your enjoyment of all that there is to see.

The suite sits at the very top of the Gingerbread Hill villa, offering 360-degree views of the surrounding hills, lush rainforest, and the Caribbean Sea stretching west toward the horizon.

Sunsets here are nothing short of spectacular, as is the stargazing, and the unique opportunity to experience life in Montserrat.

For more on Gingerbread Hill, please visit them online.

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