Lover's Bay Beach Montserrat

Lover’s Bay Beach Montserrat For a Special Kind of Seclusion

Lover’s Bay Beach Montserrat proves that you can’t have too much solitude.

Montserrat Specializes in Serene Solitude

Sure, the island of Montserrat is generally quiet. Its population is only 5,000. Plus, nearly half the island is designated as an off-limits exclusion zone. So, finding quiet places to be by yourself or alone in the company of someone else is easy.

While hiking, you’re quite likely to meet no more than one or two other people along the way. Even heading to beaches like Foxy’s Bay, Bunkum Bay, or Lime Kiln Beach might net you the whole beach to yourself at any given time of day.

And then, of course, there are the many lookout spots dotting the island, like Garibaldi Hill or Jack Boy Hill. Here too, you’ll most likely find yourself by yourself.

Even many of the villas in Tradewinds Montserrat’s inventory will prove so secluded that you could run your own nudist retreat without a soul knowing. Please don’t ask us how or why we know this. Just trust us.

So, you really don’t have to go out of your way to find secluded solitude on Montserrat island.

Of course, if you really want to push your quality time with that special someone to the next level, there’s always Lover’s Beach.

How to get to Lover’s Bay Beach Montserrat

There are both land and sea routes to Lover’s Bay Beach. (Similar to Rendezvous Beach.) The easiest, though, is renting a kayak from Scuba Montserrat next to the pier in Little Bay. From there, it’s a roughly 20-minute paddle.

Once you pull your tandem kayak of love onto these incredibly secluded shores, you’ll be blessed with a maybe 30-foot wide black sand beach sandwiched between soaring sable cliffs.

In a word, it’s stunning. And it will be all yours.

Pack a pair towels to dry off after dips in the sandy-bottomed clear water. Also a must: a little rum, wine, champagne, or whatever spirit lifts your spirits.

Beyond that? Well, it’s called Lover’s Beach for a reason…

Enjoy yourselves.

One Note

Just know that babies have been known to be born there.

Turtle babies that is.

On my last visit in late May, there were tracks from two different turtles, and two large nests excavated back in the furthest reaches of the beach.

So, if you visit and you see what appear to be tractor tread tracks, be mindful that there could be turtle nests back where the cliffs begin to come together.

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