Meditative Moments in Montserrat

Meditative Moments Made Better Above the Sea in Montserrat

Most any spot astride the sea makes for great meditative moments in the Caribbean. This lonely stone bench in Montserrat, though, makes those moments even better. We came across it on the morning of the second day of our September 2019 Montserrat adventure. We had barely been on-island for 24 hours, but already we had toured around a ton.

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory and the Montserrat National Trust Botanical Gardens. A bit of Plymouth and Garibaldi Hill. Bransby Point and Barton Bay Beach. Lime Kiln Bay and Runaway Ghaut.

It was a lot for barely more than a day.

By the time we happened upon this tidy field, our heads were spinning. The time was just about 10am, but we needed a rest. A quiet spot to collect ourselves, soak in what we’d already experienced and make ready for the many rewards and surprises to come.

The meditative moments we spent here above the sea staring out at Redonda and Nevis barely visible in the distance are some of my fondest memories from our trip. Mother Nature supplied the only sounds, which coupled with a nice breeze off the sea made this secret spot extra special.

Wish you were here…?



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