Montserrat Mesmerizes

Montserrat Mesmerizes in New Promotional Video

Montserrat mesmerizes like no where in the Caribbean. To be sure, though, our Volcano Paradise is definitely not for everyone. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s not for the vast majority of U.S. vacationers. This begs the question…

How can you know if Montserrat is right for you?

Certainly, our Montserrat Travel Guide is a good place to start looking for answers. Everything there stems from our extended visits to the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle in recent years.

How deep is our MNI knowledge? Well, Patrick uprooted his family during the height of the pandemic to put the practice of remote working there to the test in 2021. After two full months embedded in the local community, he returned with a better sense of Montserrat than our own home island of Saint Croix!

A lot of what I’m sure he’d say is special about Montserrat is what you won’t find there. That’s certainly what stuck out to me during my weeklong visit with Patrick in 2019.

No cheesy resorts or gimcrack souvenir stores. No hordes of tourists, fast food chains, or Margaritaville nonsense. A certain Disneyfication of the Caribbean increasingly prevalent across our islands just does not exist here.

Indeed, Montserrat mesmerizes in all the best ways for us. Ways very much in tune with our uncommon style of travel, our love for our home region, and respect for the people who live there.

All of this is embodied in a great new promotional video produced by our friends at the Montserrat Tourism Division.

If you ask me, this new video is a second great resource to help you decide if Montserrat is right for you. Take a look…

Did you notice all the great missing things? They’re all waiting for you to not miss them here in one of the last truly authentic corners of the West Indies.

Personally, I can’t wait to get back here. How about you? Is there anything about the way that Montserrat mesmerizes that appeals to you?

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