Montserrat Yoga at Woodlands Beach

Montserrat Yoga — Make Time For A Midweek Session

Social isolation and fitness don’t mix so well for many of us. Some might miss the gym. Others, a favorite fitness class, or pick-up game of hoops. Either way, all this sitting around under a constant barrage of bad news isn’t doing much for our physical/mental health and overall wellness. Not being able to escape to the Caribbean makes things even worse. If only we could virtually travel for some Montserrat yoga.

@Bantubadass to the rescue!

Delon Searles, aka Bantubadass, is the beautiful and lively yogi Patrick and I met in Montserrat a few months ago. We weren’t able to take part in one of her classes in Montserrat, but that could all change later today…

Get your Montserrat yoga

That’s right, Delon and friends will be live streaming yoga classes from the Tropical Mansion Suites hotel in Montserrat today at 5 pm!

(Check out Delon’s undoneyoga feed on Instagram to see what may be in store during her session.)

To join in, link up with @664ConnectMNI on Facebook.


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