On-Site Montserrat: Olympic Marathoner to Challenge Keener in Volcano Half-Marathon

World Famous Pamanos Ballantyne

Looks like team Uncommon Caribbean is going to get a run for its money in the 2nd Annual Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon.  Today, Pamenos Ballantyne of St. Vincent, veteran of the Sydney and Atlanta Olympics, landed in Montserrat. He was immediately whisked off to the radio station ZJB, where he announced his intention to win the race and beat the current record of one hour, thirty-six minutes. Later, he sat with our own Patrick Bennett on the veranda of Olveston House for a video interview, in which he not only repeated his bold prediction, but supported it with a mind-boggling list of marathon victories and record times throughout the West Indies.

Team Uncommon Caribbean will be represented by me, a 43-year-old ad man and banjo player. I’ll be wearing bib number 44. To follow the epic battle between me and Ballantyne live, listen to Montserrat Radio station ZJB starting at 5AM ET.

We’ll try to record it to play it for you all later… Saving Dave’s performance for posterity. Wish him luck!

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