Marley Resort and Spa, Nassau – View With A Room

If you opt to stay at the Marley Resort and Spa in hopes of channeling the spirit of the legendary Tuff Gong, you might be disappointed. At least on the surface.

Sure, there are hints and remembrances of Bob Marley scattered about the property. Hand-carved doors to each of the 16 suites echo his songs and the special people in his life. The bar is called Stir It Up. Marley music rings out throughout the restaurant dining area, though not incessantly. A small, dark room just outside the reception area is completely dedicated to Marley’s life. All manner of memorabilia and photos adorn the walls. It’s pretty cool, but so tiny and tucked away that you could easily miss it. Even if you do wander in here, you’ll see all there is to see in about three minutes. Nice, but no big deal.

So yeah, Marley Resort doesn’t beat you over the head with all things Bob, though. This is particularly true inside the suites.

Inside the Royal Rita Suite at Marley Resort, Nassau

When I checked into the spacious Royal Rita room earlier this week, I was surprised to find it devoid of any even remote ties to the man. Informative in-room wall art like those found at nearby Compass Point heralding the musical history of the property were nowhere to be found here. Neither were there any replica framed gold or platinum album awards, like the ones in the rooms at the legendary Olveston House in Montserrat, former home to George Martin, the genius producer behind The Beatles and many of the other most loved albums of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

What really shines in Marley Resort sea view rooms like the Royal Rita is just what you see above.

Sun is Shining, Sea View is Sweet

The positively seductive view pulls you outside and away from what was for me an insanely comfy bed instantly. The steady cool breeze and soothing sounds of crashing surf keep you out on the verandah. It’s all so peaceful, so sweet.

I spent the better part of last Tuesday afternoon sitting there admiring the view. The peace and serenity cleared the types of bad-minded thoughts and confusion from my head that sometimes stunt my creativity. In no time I was refreshed and reinvigorated; my creative juices flowing freely.

Could it be, perhaps, that I had tapped into the essence of what made this place special to Marley in the first place?


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