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Nisbet Plantation Puts ‘Honey’ Back into Honeymoons

By its very etymology, a honeymoon is meant to be the sweetest trip you’ll ever take. The very best period of a marriage, when, as the great 18th-century British writer Samuel Johnson noted, “there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure.” Fueling much of the latter for the earliest European honeymooners: mead.

It’s a legend disputed in more scholarly corners, but some say that newlywed couples in Europe were once provided with a month’s supply of honey wine as they set off to start their lives together. You know, to jump-start the baby-making.

No such jump-start is needed at Nisbet Plantation Nevis (believe me), but this special property is sweetening things up for honeymooners anyway with some nice Nevis honey.

And this isn’t just any old liquid gold… Nevis honey has a one-of-a-kind sweetness and flavor derived, in part, from the wild, tropical flowers unique to the island. If you’ve ever enjoyed afternoon tea here or dessert, then you’ve likely tried it, as Nisbet has long used local honey in many dishes.

Nisbet Newlywed Honey
Courtesy Nisbet Plantation

Always 100% pure and never heated, the honey made here has been a prized souvenir for travelers in the know for years. Now Nisbet Plantation is giving away a bottle to all newlyweds as a remembrance of their stay in Nevis and for…*ahem*… good luck.

Indeed, Nevis honey is also said to be a bit of an aphrodisiac, so you get the traditional jump start as well.

Now, if you’re not honeymooning at Nisbet but you want to get in on all the sweet benefits of Nevis honey, you can pick up a bottle at the resort gift shop or head to the spa and sign up for the new Tropical Citrus Island Tonic treatment. It works like this…

The exotic body wrap awakens the skin with gentle citrus scrub exfoliation. A tonic comprised of citrus essences and Nevis honey is then applied to the body, which is wrapped to stay warm. After the tonic is washed off, the treatment concludes with a relaxing and deeply moisturizing citrus shea butter body massage.

The whole thing takes 90 minutes and will certainly leave you feeling pretty sweet.

For more on all the sweetness available at Nisbet Plantation, be sure to visit them online.


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