Luxury Beach Houses at Four Seasons Nevis: View With A Room

Of all the amazing beach views from all the amazing rooms at all the amazing hotels and resorts you can enjoy while visiting the Caribbean, it is the views that frame the exotic enticements most easily within reach that tend to thrill me the most.

Nothing against the sweeping panorama offered by elevated perches high aloft the region’s more prodigious properties, but given the choice, I’d always opt for the type of arm’s length proximity to the surf pictured here.

This is what awaits at the Luxury Beach Houses at the Four Seasons Nevis.

Only four such Houses are found at the resort, each of them solely available for rent by the day between the hours of 8am and 6pm. They’re perfect for couples in search of comfy canoodling right beside the sea. You certainly wouldn’t want to squeeze more than four people in here, though the resort says they can accommodate up to six.

Exclusive? Oh yes, with many of the amenities you could ever need in a dream beach house. From the ultra-comfy chaise lounges on the open-air sundeck and complimentary suncare products, to the entertainment center complete with flat screen TV, DVD player, video on-demand, and iHome station, these Luxury Beach Houses pack a lot into just 200 square feet.

If you ask me, though, it’s the location, location, location that most certainly trumps any treasures found beneath these resplendent roofs…

For more on how you can enjoy one of these Luxury Beach Houses on your next trip to Nevis, please visit the Four Seasons Nevis online.


*Photo credit: Peter Peirce.

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