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Basking Back in Time with My Twins in North Caicos: Wish You Were Here

Our weekly Wish You Were Here posts have always been intended to pull at your heart strings. They’re meant to stir within your souls fresh desires to return to special places all throughout the Caribbean. This particular Wish You Were Here post, though, is more personal for me. I want to go back to the scene above; summer 2018 in the shallows of Pumpkin Bluff Beach in North Caicos.

This was one of the rare occasions that the wife and my kids got to tag along with me on one of my travel adventures. To be sure, we made some of our best family memories in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The blissfully quiet seclusion of North and Middle Caicos in the summertime forced us to bond more deeply than we ever could at home.

Instead of endless hours on separate screens, we watched movies together each night. When we weren’t watching movies, we sat outside marveling at the brightest and broadest collection of stars that my kids had ever seen. By day, we mostly beach-hopped, alternately swimming, snorkeling, and snapping goofy selfies like the one above.

As my twins turn 18 today, I love this goofy photo more than ever.

They’ll soon be gone; our chances at reliving the simple joys of time alone in TCI, nearly exhausted.

Wish you were here? I know I do…

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