Saturday Video: Bocas del Toro, Panama


As numbers go, it’s not all that popular, especially among those who might be a bit sensitive about age and some residential area speed limits

I’m nearly two years beyond the 40 mark (remember?), though still very much looking forward to a different big 4-0: my 40th Caribbean destination!

I’m holding firm at #39 right now following my recent Bequia adventure, and while there’s no telling exactly where I’ll be for #40, the uncommon spot featured in today’s video looks like it’d work just fine!

The Bocas del Toro area is nestled on the northern Caribbean coast of Panama. In addition to the mainland, there are nine different primary islands here!

By the looks of the video, which was produced by BocasdelToro.Travel, there’s quite a lot to explore and enjoy in and among the province.

So what do you think, should I make Bocas del Toro my 40th?

If not, where do you suggest I go?

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, or drop me a line here.


*Lead photo credit: Ecocircuitos Panama via Flickr.

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