Sleeping Above the Sea in Guna Yala, Panama: Uncommon Envy

To sleep above the sea in an exotic and remote area the province solely of an indigenous people practicing the same customs and daily life rituals put forth by their ancestors centuries ago – it’s long ranked among my ultimate travel dreams.

It’s easy to think that such a dream could not be realized in the Caribbean, what with the homogenized, one-size-fits-all mainstream marketing of the region over the years.

We, of course, know different. We know of Guna Yala.

Known as San Blas up until October 2011, Guna Yala is an autonomous region extending along a narrow strip of land that runs some 200+ miles along the Caribbean coast of Panama. There are also 365 islands here (A different one to explore for every day of the year!), 36 of which are inhabited.

As we noted earlier, Guna Yala is truly a place where time has stood still; where each day no doubt yields an uncommon experience more memorable and rewarding than the last.

Nights here must be no less remarkable, especially if you get to bed down in an overwater bungalow like those pictured above. Among the options I’m considering for my first trip here next year are Akwadup Lodge, Yandup Island Lodge, and Dad Ibe Lodge.

If you’ve traveled to Guna Yala and have suggestions on other lodges with overwater bungalows that I should consider, or any tips on things that I should definitely see/do while I’m there, please leave a comment below, or contact me directly here.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Ben Kucinski.

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