101 Steps Inside Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Winding Up the 101 Stairs within Abaco’s Elbow Reef Lighthouse, The Bahamas

There are a lot of great things to see when visiting the Abaco Islands. Few of those things, though, are as amazing as the views from high atop the famed Elbow Reef Lighthouse. As we’ve noted before, the historic attraction is a top must-see in The Bahamas in large part because of all you can see from the gallery that winds around her lantern pane. Enjoying these singular views, though, takes some effort. The narrow, spiraling climb to the top consists of 101 stairs!

Any overexertion you may feel on your visit, though, pales in comparison to that of the lighthouse keeper. The reason: Elbow Reef Lighthouse is distinguished as the only kerosene-powered, hand-cranked lighthouse in the world. As such, the lighthouse keeper is tasked with climbing those 101 stairs every two hours, all night long, every night! This ensures that the lens keeps turning and the surrounding seas stay safe.


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett Photography.


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