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2021: A Summer Like No Other for Buck Island Sailing

This Photo Of The Day post could just as easily been filed under our Uncommon Envy series. Not because I’ve never been to Buck Island, of course. As a born and bred Crucian, I was lucky enough to enjoy frequent Buck Island sailing escapes in my youth. Long-time UC fans may also remember that the captain pictured here, Carl Punzenberger, is an old childhood friend. Patrick and I make a point of linking up with Captain Carl and setting sail every time we’re back home in St. Croix.

So, why the envy?  

Well, basically, it’s over really missing Buck Island… a lot.

This isn’t some wistful lament fueled by the prevailing pandemic either. I’ve traveled to St. Croix three times over the past four months!

So, why no Buck Island sailing during these recent trips home?

Answer: St. Croix/the U.S. Virgin Islands are REALLY popular this summer.

COVID quarantines and outright destination closures remain in place in much of the rest of the Caribbean. In the U.S. Virgin Islands, though, visitors from the States are as welcome and free to roam the islands as ever. Provided they follow all of the appropriate entry protocols, of course.

So yeah, summer travel to the USVI is booming as hardly ever before. This means you’ll want to book your Buck Island sailing adventure well in advance of your travel dates. 

Wait until the last minute when you’re already on-island (as I did) and there’s a good chance that you’ll be out of luck (as I was…THREE times!).

To reserve your spot with Captain Carl, call Teroro II & Dragonfly Buck Island Charters at 340-718-3161, or drop Carl an email at teroro@msn.com.

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