After The Sunset at The Waves at Cane Bay, St. Croix
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After The Sunset at The Waves at Cane Bay, St. Croix

The last sunset of my most recent visit back home to Saint Croix was less than great. Low-lying clouds and intermittent rain conspired to wash out the whole thing.

The period just after the sunset, though, was all kinds of magical.

As we’ve noted before, the moments immediately following the sun’s disappearance below the horizon in the Caribbean often yield the most spectacularly kaleidoscopic color explosions. This occasion was obviously no exception. With each passing moment, the pinks and purples intensified, at once spilling across the sea and sky like so much paint across a splatter art canvas.

That such an artistic scene should be playing out at my location was only fitting. That location: The Waves At Cane Bay boutique hotel.

Recently (and fantastically) re-styled/renovated, The Waves echo the awe-inspiring color and light show off its shores in its tropical chic design elements and thoughtful appointments.

I’ll have more to show and tell about The Waves soon. Stay tuned…

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