Air Studios Montserrat Pool

If the Air Studios Montserrat Pool Could Talk

If this old pool could talk…

Steve is a huge history buff. And I’m also fascinated by the history of the West Indies. But when it comes to Montserrat, I feel like the pre-volcano past occupies too much of the narrative surrounding the island. This preoccupation with the “glory days” just doesn’t feel like a healthy way to move forward. And that’s why the vast majority of our stories and dispatches from the island are focused on the here and now.


On my first visit to the island, we walked around this pool, and my good friend Dave, a huge music aficionado and musician, wrote a soaring piece about the heyday of Air Studios, Montserrat. Everyone from Sting, Elton John, Stewart Copeland, Paul McCartney, Mark Knopfler, Simply Red, and more of the biggest names in 80’s music (and beyond) all recorded here.

All hung out at this now old, overgrown pool.

Could you just imagine? If this pool could talk, the stories it could tell!

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