Baie à Ferret

Baie à Ferret – Mooring in the Footsteps of Henry Morgan

At first blush it seemed plucked straight out of some classic pirate novel. The perfect hurricane hole. My mind raced as we sailed into Baie à Ferret during my first-ever visit to Île-à-Vache a few years ago. I had traveled to many places steeped in pirate history before, of course. None, though, espoused what some have called The Golden Age of Piracy quite like this uncommon corner of Haiti.

It’s easy to imagine the steep headlands rising to the east serving as the perfect lookout for approaching ships. Lush tropical flora encircling the bay could offer great hiding spots for stashing loot. Then as now, the combination of the two help to safeguard ships from oncoming storms.

Baie à Ferret was a favorite haunt of the notorious Henry Morgan. His influence was so strong here, in fact, that the main resort on the bay still bears his name. 

I stayed at Hotel Port Morgan for just one night. The digs were not altogether fancy, though the food and service were exceptional. I also enjoyed one of the best and most awkward massage treatments of my life here. (A story for another day.)

My fondest memories of Port Morgan and Baie à Ferret, though, all center on the bay itself and its natural surroundings. The entire place is positively dripping with history, allowing you to feel the past simply by looking around and employing a little imagination.

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