Beauregard’s On The Beach – Sweet Seaside Dining in St. Croix
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Beauregard’s On The Beach – Sweet Seaside Dining in St. Croix

I don’t care.

Such was my thinking when my brother asked what’s on the menu at Beauregard’s On The Beach. We’d just arrived at the newest eatery at The Buccaneer, the most venerable hotel on our home island of St. Croix. It was lunchtime on a wickedly warm Sunday in July. Heat and hangover, I was reminded, are not a good combo. We wandered here in search of relief. The sight pictured above immediately confirmed we were in the right place.

A neat row of tables set right on Grotto Beach. Oversized white umbrellas offering shade. A thatched-roof bar with the brilliant blues of the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop.

Beauregard’s style and setting provided such sweet relief that the menu options almost seemed immaterial.

Beauregard’s On The Beach is open Thursday–Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Over the peak winter travel months they even serve dinner. The tidy menu is a mix of salads, small bites, and sandwiches. Sundays at Beauregard’s, though, are all about sushi. Not my thing, which also factored into my relative ambivalence over the eats, but I hear from raw fish gourmand friends that it’s great.


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