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Boiler Bay, St. Croix

The far east end of St. Croix is a hiker’s paradise. While the trails that wind through the Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve along the southern shore get most of the attention, you shouldn’t miss out on the north side either. That’s where I snapped this image of Boiler Bay a few weeks ago. I was trekking out to the tip of Cottongarden Point, a modest peninsula extending northwest toward Buck Island. The point divides Boiler Bay to the east with Cramer Park, the beach we frequented most often during our childhood days in St. Croix. This was our playground. A wild, unkempt environ of cacti, scrub brush, mongoose, hermit crabs, rocks, trails, and sea. Our youthful imaginations were free to run wild here trekking through the bush or snorkeling the reefs. Thankfully, this area remains much the same today, inviting similar adventures for visitors young and old.

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