Bottomless Ghaut Beach, New Beach Montserrat

Bottomless Ghaut Beach, Montserrat: The Caribbean’s Newest Beach

Beaches have long represented the number one draw for visitors to the Caribbean. And why not, right? Our home region is filled with the choicest stretches of sand anywhere in the world. What’s more, Caribbean beaches come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. In short, there are Caribbean beaches to suit  every taste scattered across the West Indies. For centuries, about the only thing lacking from the Caribbean beach inventory was something new. That all changed, though, with the advent of Bottomless Ghaut Beach.

Stretching north–south along the east coast of Montserrat, Bottomless Ghaut Beach is nothing short of breathtaking. The beach shares its name with the lush volcanic canyons that rise from the shore to the west. A stream that winds through the canyons also carries the Bottomless Ghaut name.

Wild, Natural Surrounds

This is a wild and undeveloped area. Access to the beach is no walk in the park, of course, which makes trekking through these wilds extra special.

Rare endemic species thrive here. The iconic Montserrat Oriole, Caribbean Martins, Red-Billed Tropicbirds, and Sturnira bats all have happy homes within the Bottomless Ghaut canyons. Wild donkeys also abound in the area, as do several species of harmless lizards.

Getting to see these amazing animals within unspoiled natural surroundings is a rare treat. The real payoff to adventuring here, though, is Bottomless Ghaut Beach herself.

All-New Bottomless Ghaut Beach

Inarguably the longest stretch of sand on Montserrat, Bottomless Ghaut Beach is distinguished as the newest beach in the Caribbean.

The glittering ebony sands here are a product of the Soufriere Hills Volcano eruptions during the 1990s. At most, Bottomless Ghaut is just about 20 years old. Talk about virgin sand!

It’s little wonder, then, that these shores are more commonly known simply as New Beach.

Whatever you call it, you’ll want to get here to enjoy nature’s majesty in raw form not found anywhere else in the Caribbean.

If You Go…

New Beach looks tempting to try for a swim, but beware. Its location along Montserrat’s windward coast yields surf that’s usually pretty rough. As in any remote location, you’ll want to take extra care as getting help out here will be a big challenge.

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