Cancun regrets

Cancun Regrets – Missing Out On Some Sublime Surf Line Shade

Time, tides, and seasons occasionally come together perfectly along a select few palm-lined shores. When they do, you get this – the ultimate natural shade spot right at the surf line. I discovered this one during my last visit to Cancun back in January. It’s not a sight I particularly enjoy seeing these days, though. To me, it speaks of frustration, missed opportunities, and my shattered dreams of 2020 travel. I was in Cancun for a series of business meetings, you see. Business meetings that amounted to nothing, thanks to life-altering reasons with which we’ve all become all-too-familiar. I had a sense, as I captured the image, that I’d be returning to Mexico several more times in 2020. Surely I’d have many future opportunities to enjoy that special slice of shade, right…? Alas, nothing has worked out this year quite the way any of us had planned. This makes me all the more salty now for passing up chilling here, even if just for a moment, back in January. Cancun regrets and current events remind me to seize every day; live for each moment. You can be sure that I won’t pass up my next chance to kick back in such a choice spot…


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