Caribbean Cacao

Caribbean Cacao – Sweet Luxury of the West Indies

Patrick and I have never made a secret of our bias toward all things Caribbean. We LOVE our home region and truly feel that the majority of life’s best things come from here. You may disagree, of course, but not when it comes to one thing most of us love. I’m talking about chocolate made from Caribbean cacao. Africa may produce the most chocolate, but it is the Caribbean that undoubtedly produces the best. Check the point of origin of most any premium chocolate. More times than not you’ll find a Caribbean country listed on the packaging. Caribbean cacao (or cocoa) ensures that our chocolate stands above the rest. Rare and legendary Criollo and Trinitario trees predominate cacao farms across our region. The seeds from prized cacao pods like these in Dominica go into making the world’s most prized chocolates. This, of course, makes visiting the Caribbean for chocolate tours, chocolate festivals, or a stay at a chocolate hotel all the more sweet.

*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett

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