Martinique Jetties and Piers

Caribbean Coast Jetties and Piers in Martinique

One of my favorite things about Martinique are her great many jetties and piers. They extend out into the sea from fishing villages that line the island’s calm Caribbean coast. On my home island of St. Croix, we basically have just one long pier in Frederiksted. It stretches a hefty 1,526 feet due west from the shoreline, the better to accommodate ostentatious ocean liners. When the big ships aren’t in port, though, Frederiksted Pier makes a great spot to leap into the sea for a refreshing dip at the close of the day. While we have one large nice choice for pier-jumping fun in St. Croix, in Martinique the choices are many. When next you’re in Martinique, head west in the late afternoon hours and find your way into any seaside village. At the center of town along the sea, no doubt you’ll find a jetty, like this one at Anse à l’Ane, where you can join with local Martinicans in leaping into the twilight.


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