Carlisle Bay Beach, Antigua

Carlisle Bay Beach, Antigua

Beach perfection. For many, Carlisle Bay Beach is just that…and then some. Located in the village of Old Road in southwest Antigua, this beach appears pulled from a dream.

Its soft white sands extend along the inner edge of a near-perfect horseshoe-shaped bay. Rolling hills, lush and green, rise at the back of the beach and along the horseshoe arms stretching to the sea.

In the bay, though, waters generally remain as you see here – flat, calm, and incredibly clear. This, of course, makes Carlisle Bay Beach a haven for undersea adventurers. Snorkeling and scuba diving are big here.

So too is the reputation of the Carlisle Bay Resort, which calls this beach home. 

Among the most celebrated luxury resort properties anywhere in the Caribbean, Carlisle Bay offers just 87 suites. Each features floor-to-ceiling windows. The reason, I should think, is more than quite obvious…

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