Cascade aux Écrevisses, Guadeloupe

Cascade aux Écrevisses: Guadeloupe’s Most Accessible Waterfall

For some, the prospect of experiencing a tropical waterfall in the wilds of the Caribbean is a little daunting. After all, accessing these natural wonders generally takes a decent amount of effort. Remember our trek to The Source in Nevis? Or what about the time we discovered Denier Falls in Dominica? Neither adventure could be classified as an easy walk in the park. At the opposite end of the spectrum, though, there’s the Cascade aux Écrevisses.

You can find these beautiful falls on Basse-Terre in the Guadeloupe Islands. In fact, if you ever find yourself on the main road that winds through the Parc Nationale de la Guadeloupe then there’s no way you can miss ’em.

Indeed, the Cascade aux Écrevisses are the very definition of a roadside attraction. A short and wide stone path leads to the falls from a parking area astride the road. Total walking time: less than 10 minutes. No sweat.

Editor’s note: If any of this sounds familiar to longtime UC fans, it should. The Cascade du Saut Gendarme in Martinique has a similarly breezy set up.

This, of course, makes these falls eminently accessible. As such, crowds tend to abound here. 

Get here early, though, and a refreshing swim in these enchanting surrounds can be yours to enjoy in blissful serenity… Aside, of course, for the occasional passing car.


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett

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