Seine fishing in the Caribbean | SBPR

The Communal Joy of Seine Fishing in the Caribbean

Many are the types and styles of fishing practiced in the Caribbean over the centuries. None, though, speak to the communal nature of our islands quite like seine fishing. During the early-morning hours along the shores that line Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada, Martinique, Dominica, Haiti (I captured the above photo at Bananier Beach), and elsewhere, fishermen unfurl and stretch the seine in search of the day’s catch. Sometimes the nets extend between boats sitting well out at sea. Other times, they stretch from beach to boat. Kingfish, carite, shark and other fruits of the sea generally comprise the catch. The communal part comes at the end – the pulling of the seine. Scores of fishermen, their friends, and family line the beach pulling in the nets once the fishing is done. Often, anyone who assists in the task is rewarded with a bit of the catch. This applies to visitors too! A smile and a simple offer to help is almost always appreciated, yielding rewards for all.

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