Cousins Cove fishing

Cousins Cove Fishing – Villa Service and a Show

Less than 2,000 people live in Cousins Cove, Jamaica. It’s a good bet that many of their lives revolve around fishing. The close-knit community extends along an exotically alluring cove that’s been famous for fishing since forever. It’s impossible to visit here and not enjoy some sense or taste of Cousins Cove fishing. Area fisherman like the one pictured here make sure of it.

We saw them every day of our late-summer 2022 stay at sweetly stylish Poet Reef. The villa, which sits right on the bay, features a dramatic cut-stone pier that extends 150 feet to the sea. It also features a spacious second-floor balcony that runs the width of the house.

Both spots provided sublime viewing spots for the daily Cousins Cove fishing show. 

Fishermen like our friend above darted about the bay from dawn ’til dusk each and every day of our stay. Invariably, they’d wave as they happened by. Eventually, a pair of fishermen stopped by. They offered to bring us a fresh catch. Lobster, mahi, grouper – it was all on the table and at our disposal, should be desired.

Is it any wonder we can’t wait to get back here..?

For more on the guest experience at Poet Reef, check out the Poetreef Villa listing on Airbnb and be sure to follow @poetreef on Instagram.

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