Creque Dam – Crucian Curiosity in the Heart of the St. Croix Rain Forest
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Creque Dam – Crucian Curiosity in the Heart of the St. Croix Rain Forest

St. Croix is filled with curiosities. Certain things that, though wonderful or interesting in their own way, aren’t really all that they’re said to be. Our “Rain Forest” is one such Crucian curiosity. This densely-wooded 15-acre natural wonderland is located in the northwest corner of the island. Though it bears the name and some tell-tale characteristics, the St. Croix Rain Forest isn’t actually a rainforest at all. Real rainforests receive between 98 and 177 inches of rain each year. By definition, they also don’t experience any kind of significant dry season. Creque Dam, as we encountered it last summer, shows just how lacking our Rain Forest is in actual rain.

Originally constructed in 1926, the 45-foot high Creque Dam holds upwards of nine million gallons of water…when it rains. I remember it always either being full or containing some water when we visited here as kids. These days, though, it’s hit or miss (mostly miss, I’m told), converting Creque Dam into yet another Crucian curiosity.

It’s still fun to trek out here to the middle of the Rain Forest and see the dam standing strong and tall, though; forever waiting for the rain.


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