Crocus Bay Beach, Anguilla

Crocus Bay Beach, Anguilla – Good as Gold

Anguilla is quite rightly best-known for its amazing beaches. The most famous of them – Rendezvous, Meads, and Shoal Bay – no doubt achieved their notoriety in large part due to their stunning sugar-white sands. Crocus Bay Beach, though, showcases sands of a different color.

The closest beach to Anguilla’s capital, The Valley, Crocus extends along the island’s north coast just a quick kayak from Little Bay. Crocus Hill, the highest point in Anguilla (elevation: 240 feet), rises just over her shoulder. This creates one of the more dramatic beach scenes in largely flat Anguilla.

Ultra-calm gin-clear seas also invite swimmers of all levels to dive into fun at Crocus Bay. Those same calm seas make Crocus Bay an ideal anchorage for sailors, yachties, and fishermen. The Bay’s grassy seafloor means that you should not be surprised to encounter sea turtles here either.

All that, plus a great local restaurant and a jetty seemingly purpose-built for leaping into the sea all make Crocus Bay Beach amazing.

It’s the sand here, though, that makes the beach stand out to me. The color is a distinctive sort of buttery rose-gold. This is fitting, in a way, as Crocus Bay Beach faces northwest. That, plus the beach’s close proximity to The Valley, makes it a prime spot for golden hour fun in Anguilla.


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