Curbside Parking at Buck Island, St. Croix
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Curbside Parking at Buck Island, St. Croix

Many are the great advantages of sailing with our old friend, Captain Carl, when opting for a Buck Island excursion in St. Croix. We’ve noted a few of the finer pluses before, of course. If you’re not a super strong swimmer, though, you’ll particularly like the benefit pictured here. Capt. Carl has been running charters out to Buck Island for 30+ years. He learned from his Dad, Heinz, who plied our home island’s waters since before we were born. To be sure: the man really knows how to get you to, around, and back from Buck Island like no one else. When it comes to going ashore, that means he practically places you on the sand; his curbside parking at Buck Island skills, unparalleled.

To go cruising with Captain Carl, call Teroro II & Dragonfly Buck Island Charters at 340-718-3161 next time you’re in St. Croix.


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