Rainbows over Dominica

Dominica’s Rainbows Have a Green Pot of Gold at Their End

In the Caribbean, night turns to day in a golden glow. And like clockwork, day turns to night with a fiery display unlike anywhere else in the world. But rainbows are different. In some ways, they’re unexpected. But when you really think about it, it’s easy to know every time one will appear. Which is why it’s no surprise that I saw a rainbow every single day on my last trip to Dominica.

They say the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow. And the storm that passed Dominica in 2017 was massive. Maria was the tenth-most intense hurricane on record and the most intense storm of 2017. That’s no small feat in a hyperactive year that featured 17 named storms. Ten of those became hurricanes. Two of those, Harvey and Irma, also became infamous. For those counting at home, that’s multiple Category 5 hurricanes in just one year—something only recorded five times before. And Maria was the strongest.

So, yeah, 2017 was bad, and in Maria, Dominica saw a hurricane unlike anything it had seen before. The most extreme winds ever recorded, extensive landslides, roads swept away, widespread flooding, and “mind-boggling” devastation.

And yes, today Dominica stills bears some scars from 2017. But it also has something else. Rainbows.

Why am I talking about rainbows? Well, every morning, I’d see one. Following a light drizzle at dawn, they’d appear. And they’d make me think about everything the island, her inhabitants, and the diaspora with family on-island went through back in 2017. And their presence, welcoming the sun and signaling the end of stormy times made me optimistic about the future.

As someone more inspirational than me once said:

You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage.

Driving on clear new roads, making new Dominican friends, eating amazing local food, discovering sweet treats, chasing waterfalls deep into the fresh growth of rainforest, and enjoying all-new luxury stays—I fell in love with Dominica on my recent visit.

The Nature Island’s resurgence in the face of immense challenges should be a beacon of hope that draws people from all over the world to visit and sample a beautiful strength that’s even more stunning than the most colorful rainbow.

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