Foxes Bay Beach, Montserrat

Foxes Bay Beach Montserrat: The Unmaking of an Ideal Caribbean Beach

Foxes Bay Beach on the island of Montserrat does not fit the vision most people carry in their minds of an idyllic Caribbean beach. You won’t find any shimmering sugar-white sands here.

Towering coconut palms swaying in the breeze? Nah, they don’t line these shores.

Hotels? Beach bars? Restaurants? 

Nope. Nope. And nope.

Indeed, like Montserrat herself, Foxes Bay Beach presents a welcome alternative to the common Caribbean.

The main attractions here don’t center on partying or jet-skiing.

Parasailing, tourist trap shops, casinos and the like? You won’t find any of that on these ebony shores.

Instead, Foxes Bay Beach offers sweet solitude, tranquility, and a unique opportunity to imbibe in the utter peace of nature. All the while, though, you’re surrounded here by evidence of nature at her most destructive.

Just back of the shoreline, a wide swath of tree-less low lands evidences the major topographical changes brought on by Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills Volcano. A series of eruptions during the 1990s forever changed the area around Foxes Bay and much of Montserrat’s southern environs.

Unlike the most heavily impacted areas still off-limits within the Exclusion Zone, however, Foxes Bay Beach is very much open and accessible… At least for now.

As you might well imagine judging from its unspoiled seaside nature, Foxes Bay is of prime interest to developers. In particular, we’ve heard rumors of golf developers eyeing the area. Who knows? Before too long, you might have to cross exclusive links to get to these shores.

All the more reason to visit Montserrat sooner rather than later…

Foxes Bay Beach is located on Montserrat’s cool and calm southwestern Caribbean coast. There’s very little shade, as you can see above, and no facilities or concessions. Plan and pack accordingly, ensuring that you take home everything that you take with you to this very special place.



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