Frederiksted Beach
🇻🇮St. Croix

Frederiksted Beach – Sea Glass Seventh Heaven in St Croix

Of all the sublime stretches of sand that encircle my home island of St Croix, Frederiksted Beach is probably my least favorite.


The problem: it sits right next to cruise ship pier. This, of course, makes it the most convenient beach to the hordes of cruise passengers belched onto Saint Croix’s shores with increasing regularity. 

Yeah, no thanks.

When no bloated, floating affronts to environmental sustainability are in port, though, Frederiksted Beach is quite nice indeed.

(Note: Frederiksted Beach is also known as Fort Frederik Beach as it literally sits right next to the old red stronghold.)

As elsewhere along St Croix’s west coast, seas are always calm on these shores. The sand-to-shade ratio is pretty good too. Parking at Frederiksted Beach is not only a breeze, it’s also free. Picnic tables, restroom facilities, a playground for the kids, and even public tennis courts are all here.

Also here, tons of sea glass.

You’d never know it by its appearance today, but a portion of Frederiksted Beach was once part of the Frederiksted Landfill.

Yes, part of what you’re looking at was once a dump.

Sea glass shards hidden in the shallows are a lasting legacy of the trash that used to pile up here. 


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