Grand Bahama’s East End Cays From The Sky After Dorian

Grand Bahama’s East End Cays From The Sky After Dorian

Grand Bahama’s East End Cays are still plenty beautiful from the sky. The landscape is more brown than green these days, of course. Hurricane Dorian really had her way here… This was my view three days ago from the co-pilot’s seat of this Pilatus PC-12. Our destination: Treasure Cay, Abaco. Our cargo was a somewhat surprising, at least to me, hodgepodge of relief supplies. You really never know what people really need unless you ask them. I traveled to Abaco to do just that, and to help distribute supplies collected by Island Tyme Aircraft Charter Services in Palm Beach, Florida. The pilots and volunteers of this amazing group still need our assistance in completing their mission.

As noted last week, the very best way you can help right now – today – is to donate money.

Jet fuel is not cheap. Pilots like Captain Dan, with whom I flew, are making up to four round-trip flights to Abaco and Grand Bahama Island every day delivering relief supplies. To help keep these life-sustaining flights going, please donate to the Island Tyme GoFundMe page today.

As for what I learned over Grand Bahama’s East End Cays and on the ground in Treasure Cay, I’ll share the full story later this week. Stay tuned…

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